Hurray, spring has begun!

Let me first say that I really hate winter! My fur gets wets and my personnel think it’s necessary to dry it always. Why? It will dry on the bed when I roll myself.

But when spring has finally arrived, and I smell the fragrance of the first flowers, I jump through the whole garden and chase the dogs!

I can’t go further than my own garden, grrrrrrrr!!!! My family installed an electronic system to keep me on my own territory. They explained that this is because of the lunatics who drive too fast in our street. And there are also some neighbours who don’t like cats. That is something that I find rather strange. Not liking cats? We are the most valued creatures on earth!

Lucky that I have my own trees and shrubbery. Imagine a cat without a tree? Boring! We also have lots of little birds, and although I’m really fond of birds, for one reason or another they don’t like to approach me.

An own garden brings responsibilities. Every morning I make my inspection tour and mark all my favorite places. It’s not that other cats come in my garden (the dogs take care of that problem), but it’s just a matter of showing who’s the boss!

morrisson08What I also like: when my personnel just cleaned the floor, I come in through the cat flap with wet feet, and because I have long hair, I get the maximum of result. Yay!!! I make such beautiful traces!

An absolute favorite game of me: going out throgh the cat flap and walk to the gliding door from the kitchen, make a hell of a noise to have my personnel let me in immediately, and when I’m in, I repeat the whole game. I can do this easily 10-20 times in a row. The best thing is that my humans are silly enough to play the game too.

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  1. dood…itz total lee kewl ya get ta go out….we iz knot aloud out either….for de same reezon….we due get ta go inta de garage tho, which iz fun… we guess….coz we plan on how one day we shall steel de food servizz gurlz car 😉 !!

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    1. You can’t go out? No grass? No snails? No butterflies? And no mud to pester your humans? I hope you have plenty of other stuff to pester them with.
      Yes, stealing food is a good plan! Find a good strategy, you will win!


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