Let me introduce myself

I am Morrisson. That probably doesn’t say you anything. Unless you’re a fan of The Doors of course, but that’s another story. But I am a cat. Not just a cat of course, but a royal cat. I have my own well trained personnel and I live in an house completely facilitated according to my status.

Let me tell you immediately that a family adopted me at ‘the age of 3’. That’s been put on my passport. Stupid way of counting from the humans: I was 21 then, now I am 28. A young male!
My new family doesn’t know anything about my former years. And I never look back. Only the present counts.

It seems that I am a Norwegian Forest Cat. Well, not a purebred. So they classified me as a European Longhair. But who cares. I have really beautiful long hair that makes my family pull their hair off. Not only that, but I hate to be brushed and groomed!

morrisson07A week after my new family adopted me, they had to have me shaved completely, as my fur was completely ruined. But I looked like a poodle!!!! They left me with ‘boots’ on, which made it of course more ridiculous. Horrible what they can do with a royal cat!

It took me 2 months before I could show myself to the girls from the neighbourhood.

Not that I could show myself at that time yet. My new family has 2 dogs. Inferior creatures, but harmless. In the beginning I didn’t trust them. But it didn’t take that long before I understood that they can be useful. Sometimes. And they are obediant to me. Cats rule! The big one is a girl called Zappa (yes, coming from THE Frank Zappa), and that little annoying sausage on short legs is a boy called Fonzie.


More about me in my next post! Meeooww!!!

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  1. itz veree nice ta meet ewe Morrison of de “doors” 😉 we saw yur comment over at R pal Darth Vader’s place & thought we wood stop bye & say hi….we R over at blogger… & if ya click dude’s big head… ya can time warp over ther rite a way….pleez feel free ta stop bye trout towne any time, we all wayz haz foodz on de grill 25/8….wavez N heerz two a happee week oh end ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Food??? I’m there! Is there any fish by the way?


    2. i also followed you. Well… Let’s say that I ordered my human to follow your blog. It’s a woman, you will find here.


  2. dood….we saw … thanx for de follow !! N ewe betcha therz fish……fish az far az de eye can see …..N even thoz ya canna see coz they iz still in de ocean & knot catched yet !! 🙂

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    1. Yay, fish!! Is it packed in fancy expensive bags? I don’t eat cheap stuff. It’s not that I’m spoiled. Well… um… a bit tho’.


  3. Deziz World says:

    It’s very nice to meet you Morrison. Me’s name is Deztinee, but you can call me Dezi; everypawdy does. Me’s a Ragdoll and Service cat fur me’s disabled mommy. Me had a sisfur, but she left us to go to heaven last month and so me’s hopin’ fur a new sisfur soon. Hope you come and visit with me sometime.

    Luv ya’



    1. Dezi or Deztinee: it both sounds great! You have a lovely name and you’re a very beautiful girl! Your mum is proud of you, I’m sure! I’m only a very spoiled cat 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Deziz World says:

        Yep mommy is purroud of me and spoils me rotten too. Me’s sure your mommy feels da same way ’bout you.

        Luv ya’



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