Me and the tree

Me and the tree, how poetic that sounds!

This is really my favorite tree. Easily accessible, right height, right colour and satisfying number of leaves.

Still no birds tho’! I see them often sitting in MY tree. Probably laughing at me. But one day…!!!!!

Meanwhile I chase spiders, snails and worms. My humans say that it’s disgusting that I always have little snails in my fur. Complaints, complaints…
My male human killed a spider once, right in front of my nose!!! The brutality!! It wasn’t broke yet, I still could have played with it for a long time! Such things makes me mad, and when I’m mad I go upstairs with muddy feet and a wet fur to get a nap on the bed. Or I play the ‘yes’, ‘no’ game with them. Always fun! i want to go out! I don’t want to go out! I want to… Ow yes, I can keep up with that for at least 30 minutes!

Cats rule!

Another tree of me.

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  1. dood…be GLAD that tree iz burd free…… troo lee ! ♥♥

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    1. But I want to kill birds. It’s not that I want them really dead you know. But once I bite… well.. they go dead… My personnel made the garden bird safe. I don’t like that!!!


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