My favorite treats

Each day between 6 and 7 pm there is that same ‘time of the day’: treat time! Mum and dad try to give it to us right before the evening news.

But we (yes, the doggies too) start to whine right after dinner time. We follow them wherever they go (it seems that the toilet is ‘a bridge too far’), we block their doorway, we make very sure that they can see us and not ignore!

You can already imagine what a disaster it is when they’re not at home at that time for some stupid reason. Unacceptable of course, and if so, and they finally arrive, they can hear me meowing till the end of the street. Mum says that I exaggerate and calls me dictator, sergeant, colonel, etc. I just make my point, that’s all!

My favorite treats are Felix Crispies. There are 3 different flavours, I like them all. And I also get a little cat sausage just to lick on it (I don’t really eat it, so if I licked enough, the dogs may have it).

And no, I have nothing to do with Felix and they don’t sponsor me. I am only a very difficult cat.

Cats will always rule.


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  1. Ah ha!!! So those are Felix Crispies. Much like my favorite treat – Temptations Cat Treats. My favorite flavor is tuna but there are many others and even combinations of others. I’m a VERY PARTICULAR (picky? finicky?) cat too but I figure at my age I deserve to be somewhat DIFFICULT! Looks like you do enjoy them Morrison – more power to ya my friend!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. We cats may always be difficult, no matter what age 🙂 Yes, I also know the Temptations. Not bad, but for some reason I prefer the Crispies.
      Cats rule!


  2. Deziz World says:

    Me’s never heard of Felix Crispies. But da sausage sounds yummy. Enjoy.

    Luv ya’


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    1. Sometimes I don’t want my sausage. Just to keep Mum & Dad sharp you know. I like it how they always have to search for new things to keep me pleased 😉

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  3. dood…speekin oh sausage….ya shuld try bacon & ham sum time !!! ham samich anda side dish oh flounder….now yur talkin ! 🙂 ♥♥♥

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    1. Don’t like bacon… Don’t like ham… I’m just a strange cat.


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