About me

I am Morrisson. That probably doesn’t say you anything. Unless you’re a fan of The Doors of course, but that’s another story. But I am a cat. Not just a cat of course, but a royal cat. I have my own well trained personnel and I live in an house completely facilitated according to my status.

Let me tell you immediately that a family adopted me at ‘the age of 3’. That’s been put on my passport. Stupid way of counting from the humans: I was 21 then, now I am 28. A young male!
My new family doesn’t know anything about my former years. And I never look back. Only the present counts.

It seems that I am a Norwegian Forest Cat. Well, not a purebred. So they classified me as a European Longhair. But who cares. I have really beautiful long hair that makes my family pull their hair off. Not only that, but I hate to be brushed and groomed!

This is my own site, and I will tell you regularly about my adventures, what I experienced, the bad and the good things that happened, etc.