Show off time

Raining again! Belgium is a wet country, that’s for sure. When you think that spring finally has begun, comes that bloody rain.

Last night I kept my humans awake by meoowing in the middle of the night. Very hard. They asked me to stop, the brutality! I did not of course, I continued even harder and faster. They have to learn that I want to go out during the night, but they still refuse! So stubborn. Good personnel is hard to find these days.

Anyway, I love to show off. I really love myself. My humans adore me for this, and the more they say ‘awwwwwww’ the better my performance gets. I am so good!!!

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  1. pilch92 says:

    You are a cutie. DO you know Billy the TIme Cat? He also lives in Belgium.

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  2. Thank you!! No, never heard of him. I will look him up!


  3. We are having WET SNOW today……I think I’d prefer rain but I don’t REALLY like anything wet to fall on me when I’m outside enjoying a good munch on the grass.

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Wet snow!!! Grrrrrrr I hate wet. I hate snow. I hate the combination even more!
      It will get better Sammy!


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