My family

I talk a lot about myself. This is completely normal as I am the most important creature in the world. But let me introduce you now to my family.

The big shepherd, Zappa, is a crossbreed Scottish Collie x German Shepherd. Character is collie. She’s way too smart. I like her, and she protects me, but I hate it when she waves with her tail. That hurts!  When I just knew her for a few weeks, I tried to attack her tail, but she even doesn’t show one blink of her eye. Nothing moved. As this is no fun, I stopped with doing that. She’s useful, and that’s it.

The little short legged sausage doggie is Fonzie, crossbreed Stafford x ???? (name a few breeds and it will always be right). It seems like he’s assembled with some spare parts who don’t really fit together, but it’s all sausage to him. He doesn’t have any complexes. I like him the most. And he also protects me. The best is that I can play with him, he’s such an idiot!!! Easily distracted, not a clue about strategies. He really shows my superiority.

And then you have ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’. Of course they are not my Mum and Dad. But because they have 3 children (who already left the house), they will always be Mum and Dad. Let’s keep it like that. They are musicians and both (certainly Dad) completely nuts. As I am adopted, I am not responsible for their behaviour.


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  1. Deziz World says:

    It’s very nice to meet your furmily Morrison. Right now it’s just me and mommy. She’s a musician/singer too. Well she does lots of things, but da only thing me really cares ’bout is her takin’ good care of me. MOL Hope you have a great weekend.

    L:uv ya’



    1. That’s indeed the most important! Imagine us without good servants?

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  2. Nice to meet your family Morrison. I guess since your servants are musicians you get to listen to them practice their musical talents around the house? Is that a GOOD thing or does it disturb your napping? You have some nice woofie family members too. It’s great that you all get along so well. I’m an “only” cat in my house…’s just the three of us OLD FOLKS here! My Mom is a writer/artist and she and my Dad are retired – which means I get to have LOTS of attention. Lucky me.

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Yes, I have to listen to them practice, but that doesn’t bother me. They are mostly busy in their studio with headphones, except for practising, but the house is foreseen for that and for royal cats as me 🙂 I can nap as much as I want.
      We all get indeed very well along together. That’s because I am the boss!
      Being the only cat means indeed getting ALL the attention! You are a very lucky cat 🙂 Well… I can’t complain either to be honest.


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