It’s raining man

Nothing to do outside. Boring. I can go outside, but even the mice don’t come out. My blue candy mouse is empty. Misery, misery… I roll myself between my little valerian pillows, this comforts me a bit.

I was also thinking on ruining the plants for a while. My family just planted tiny plants in big pots with plenty of soil. That always holds a promise for fun. But they looked at me like ‘don’t even think on it…’! So I postponed my actions. There will be a better time.

Meanwhile I think about a plan to hide myself behind the curtains to grab Fonzie’s tale. Must wait till it’s dark and the curtains are closed, Fonzie knows my game! But he’s so easily distracted, and when he doesn’t pay attention… I’ll attack!  Priceless to see his face then, totally confused while he looks desperately at my humans for help. The coward! Meeeoowww! Dogs are stupid!

Cats rule!



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  1. dood….we haz finded de best time ta roll in soil…..:) iz de wee hourz oh de morn…say like round 3:12 am when yur peepulz iz a sleep…then…BLAME DE PLANT MISS HAP ON DE DAWGZ ~~~ we sended a few werd press pals yur way….. we iz out til monday…sew heerz two a Baikal oilfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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    1. YES!!!! That’s indeed the best time! I meoowed last night about the same hour. Very hard and without stopping. It drove my humans to madness, haha!! Have a fun weekend my paw friend!


  2. pilch92 says:

    Nice to meet you, good luck getting to those plants. I bet teasing the dog is fun.

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    1. Nice to meet you too, meeooww! Teasing THAT dog is fun, he’s so quickly triggered. The other dog is too smart. Can’t play that game with her. She even doesn’t react on anything I try. Bugger…


  3. Hi Morrison…….I agree……a day of rain is a WASTED day. I mean how exciting is it counting raindrops? Can’t go out and eat any fresh grass…’s just no fun. It’s nice to meet another ginger – you are far more furry than I am and INFINITELY younger (I’m 16) but I think we could be friends – what do you say? I do have one super fun quality – I’m a polydactyl – extra toes on my front paws……Pawsome huh?

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. Hello Sammy! Cats rule, but ginger cats rule most! We could definitely be friends, and that you have that ‘something extra’ makes you more special, isn’t it?

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      1. I like to think my thumbs set me apart from your average ginger tabby. You have beautiful long furs which make you super special!!

        Hugs, Sammy

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      2. Now thank you! But that long hair means also be groomed every day, pulling snails out of my fur, be trimmed, plucked, brushed,… I really HATE that! Lucky that I get my treats afterwards. No treats = no grooming!


  4. Deziz World says:

    Sounds like you have plans to make and things to do.

    Luv ya’



    1. Hello Dezi! I always have plans. It’s that what my humans are afraid for. Have a great weekend!!

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  5. Marc-André says:

    You should enter tummy rub Tuesday on our blog at some point. 😀

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      1. Marc-André says:

        It’s a weekly blog roll every Tuesday. People send in their cats tummy shots and get a link back to their own blog. 🙂


      2. Aha! I’m a newbie here, as you already noticed 😉 How to send to you?

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